This is pretty cool. An animatic previsualization of some Bitter Melon scenes H.P. used to garner support for the project. In some cases, the final result is spot-on.

From Bitter Melon‘s Facebook page:

The BITTER MELON animatic was created by Ersatz Film (H.P. Mendoza and Mark Del Lima) on the weekend of January 7, 2017 for the purposes of finding support/interest in the film by presenting at the San Francisco Film Society.

After receiving support from the Cinematografo International Film Festival Originals program and a successful Kickstarter campaign, BITTER MELON went into production seven months later in August of 2017 and was released in theaters and Digital HD in December of 2018 through ABS-CBN and Gravitas Ventures.

This is a comparison between the original animatic and the final film. (Audio is from the animatic)