Bitter Melon was reviewed by G. Allen Johnson in the San Francisco Chronicle’s Datebook section.

Check it out if you can — it’s a solid review. A few good pull-outs:

Domestic violence is not a laughing matter, but Mendoza gently invites us into the story through humor and welcome distraction…

What makes the movie smart is its refusal to cast Troy, a difficult role well-played by Epino, as strictly a villain. Instead, Mendoza delves into the cycle of violence that can be passed down through generations…

No matter the genre, [Mendoza’s] films, which can often be joyful, explore the pain of a young protagonist haunted by the past, and how the future is on hold until there is a present reckoning with what has come before.

Great stuff.

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And most importantly, for those of you familiar with the Chronicle’s rating system, it got the Little Man Clapping rating: