Bitter Melon is making its European Premiere at the 29th Tromsø International Film Festival in Norway with three screenings.

It’s part of the wonderful Horizons program:

Horizons features a selection of high quality films in different genres and styles, and from all over the world. The only criteria here is quality.

It’s programmed with some other great films like Blindspotting.

Here’s their write up on Bitter Melon:

It’s a sunny Christmas in San Francisco, and the Filipino-American Santos family has gathered to celebrate the holiday. Family reunions can often bring uncomfortable truths to the surface, but the Santos clan is soon aware that they have a particularly precarious problem. The family’s black sheep, the obnoxious and violent middle-child Troy, controls the household with an iron fist, and the Santoses realize that everyone would be better off if Troy was dead.

BITTER MELON is a black comedy with an empathetic core. The family conspiracy brings further dark secrets out of the woodwork, and director H.P. Mendoza uses the bleak premise as an opportunity for biting humor and an earnest examination of harsh family matters – including aspects that are specific to Americans of Filipino origin.

It’s awesome that the film continues to get to a wider and wider audience, so if you know anyone in Norway, nudge them over in this direction!

Click here for tickets and info on all screenings.