Long Distance Podcast wants to hear from you! How are you doing right now? Call 213-293-6024 and share your story.

Documenting COVID-19 Playlist:

Leave a message with your name, where you’re calling from and answers to some of these questions:

How do you feel right now?
What’s your stay-at-home situation like?
If you have to go out, why and what do you do?
Are you on the frontlines of this COVID-19 fight?
What’s happening in your community?
Have you experienced racism?
What are you doing to fight back?
What’s getting you through this?
Do you have any words of advice for other people?

We’re all in this together. Please call so we can share your story with our community on our next episode. (ANYONE CAN CALL SO PLEASE DO!!)

Thank you. Stay safe and healthy.

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Documenting COVID-19 Playlist:

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