The two most difficult things to accomplish are 1) starting something new that you haven’t been doing and 2) ending some bad habit you can’t seem to stop. A classic example of the former is exercise and for the latter, quitting smoking.

Everything in life is about momentum, which is why the New Year is so tantalizing. It’s a clean break from the past and holds the promise of something better: a better you, a better job, better relationships with those around you. Difficult to be sure, but doable.

For me, I want to build a better blog and a better community in 2017, so this is the first of the National Film Society’s weekly blog posts. The upcoming weeks will be devoted to covering anything related to movies, filmmaking and pop culture.

My favorite blogs to read are the ones that share helpful info and experiential anecdotes. There are way too many folks writing film reviews and think pieces, so I’m planning on staying away from all that in favor of lessons learned and the kinds of stuff I wish someone had taught me in film school (or any school for that matter).

Hopefully it’s fun and hopefully it’s helpful.