Some awesome news! Long Distance, Paola Mardo‘s podcast about living in the Filipino diaspora, which I’m co-producing, has been chosen as one of the six inaugural podcasts for the Google Podcasts creator program with PRX!

From Google Podcasts:

The Google Podcasts creator program is focused on three main pillars: empowering and training underrepresented voices through an accelerator program, educating a global community with free tools, and showcasing participants’ work as a model for others. PRX, alongside a global advisory committee, will select teams to receive mentorship, seed funding, and an intensive 20-week training.

It’s an amazing opportunity to work with some very smart, very talented folks to learn, iterate, improve, and build upon what we’ve been doing thus far. Sustainability and growth are the key.

Here’s a link to the official announcement with a couple of mobile screengrabs below:

Congrats to Paola on all of her hard work and dedication paying off. I’m super proud of her and super thankful for this opportunity. And I’m definitely looking forward to meeting everyone involved and getting started.

I’ll be posting updates here as the program moves forward and as the podcast progresses. STAY TUNED!

And if you haven’t yet listened to the first three episodes, check them out on the Long Distance website.

Or even better, subscribe for free on a podcast app or platform like Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or RadioPublic.

You can also listen to them below:

And here’s the teaser trailer we made for the podcast’s Season 1 launch: