Definitely check out this really thoughtful review of Paola Mardo‘s Long Distance podcast on Filipino news and media outlet Rappler’s website.

Written by Lilibeth Frondoso, here are some of my favorite pull-out quotes:

“The podcast is a gem – it creeps up on us, not lecturing, not judging, but still shakes us from the stupor of our secret colonial mentality.”


“Listening to Paola, a millennial immersed in digital multimedia – and boy, does she use it to her advantage – I got pangs of guilt and envy. How can a kid brought up abroad care so much about the homeland, while those of us who were born and raised here scarcely give our legacy a thought?”


“It’s a superbly produced podcast, her voice evocative, with a humor only someone her age can pull off.”

Read the full review for yourself here.

As mentioned in previous posts, National Film Society is a co-producer on the podcast, so check out and subscribe on Apple Podcasts and anywhere else you listen to podcasts.