The Bello Collective is a group whose goal is to bring together writers, journalists, and other voices who share a passion for the world of audio storytelling. It highlights work that deserves more recognition and elevates voices that are outside of the media mainstream.

I’m excited to say they have chosen Paola Mardo‘s Long Distance as one of its 100 Outstanding Podcasts of 2018.

Congrats to Paola for this! I’m happy to be a co-producer on the podcast, but she’s by far the creative, technical, and spiritual engine that drives this train.

It’s awesome to see her hard work paying off.

From their site:

I learned a lot listening to the first episode of Long Distance, a new show about Filipinos who live outside of the Philippines. I learned about Filipino-American history (a subject that was conspicuously absent from my school education); I learned about one present-day Filipino-American community in Stockton, California; and, most impressively, I learned about how to tell a story about all the ways the past impacts the present and the present draws from the past.

Check out the full list here.

And thanks to Bello Collective and Galen Beebe for choosing Long Distance for their list. It’s tough to break through the noise, but groups/orgs like this do a lot to help shows find their audiences.