A quick list of other notable projects, announcements and goings-on. Got something worth sharing? Send an email here. You can find other Notables here.

1) Support Angry Asian Man’s Annual Subscriber Drive

Phil Yu’s the best. He’s singlehandedly influenced a whole generation of Asian American writers, bloggers and content creators. His work is critical in this day and age as he reps hard for Asian and Asian American issues and calls out the B.S. that used to be commonly ignored. Click here to check him out.

2) Check Out the Lineup for CAAMFest 2017

The folks at the Center for Asian American Media in San Francisco have been dear friends and supporters of NFS and Awesome Asian Bad Guys, including hosting some ridiculously fun festival screenings. Also, as a Bay Area native I grew up going to this festival, so it holds a special place in my heart. The festival runs from March 9-19, 2017. Lineup and screening info here.

3) Back Dante Basco’s Kickstarter for the Rufio Prequel

Dante’s a great friend and fellow collaborator. With prequels and origin stories now commonplace, this project seems pretty brilliant and sounds like a lot of fun. I give him props for owning it and bringing this character and his involvement in it from in front to behind the camera full circle. I also love the fact they’re putting the complete project straight on YouTube for everyone to see and discover. It’s the perfect crowdfunding project. Pitch video below and link for more info here.