A quick list of other notable projects, announcements and goings-on. Got something worth sharing? Send an email here. You can find other Notables here.

1) Project Involve Showcase Deadline: February 27

For all you Film Independent Project Involve alums, the deadline to submit something for the PI Showcase is Monday, February 27th. If you’ve made a film shorter than 30 minutes, definitely take the time to apply. The event itself is on April 13th. The Film Independent folks are a great resource, and the Project Involve team is especially supportive. I took part in the program back in the day, and it definitely helped me meet some talented people. Here’s more info on the program itself.

And here’s the application for the Showcase.

2) IFP Filmmaker Labs Deadline: March 3

Another deadline coming up is on March 3rd for the IFP Filmmaker Labs. I love the people at IFP I’ve met over the years. I took part in their Narrative Labs with my first feature Mr. Sadman. Others who were in my Lab class included David Lowery, who directed Disney’s Pete’s Dragon as well as Ain’t Them Bodies Saints with Casey Affleck, and Terence Nance, director of An Oversimplification of Her Beauty. Awesome Asian Bad Guys was also was a part of their Film Forum. In general, it’s a great organization.

Click here for more info.

3) Big Phony’s Kickstarter

I’ve been a fan of Bobby Choy’s music since 2009. Also known as Big Phony, he’s a talented musician and performer. He’s acted in some indie films, including Ktown Cowboys, but now he’s crowdfunding a film he’s directing. It’s guaranteed to have a good soundtrack. Pitch video below and link for more info here.

4) Stephen Dypiangco’s Home Unknown

This is exactly one month late, but a special nod to my brother from another mother Stephen Dypiangco for picking up and pursuing his documentary feature Home Unknown once again. He’s moved on to some cool stuff, and I’m really happy that he’s getting back to the film he was working on when he and I first met. He was written up here on the ABS-CBN website as an applicant for the Cinematografo Film Festival Originals Contest. It’s a worthy project about traveling to the Philippines with his parents that I have no doubt will be stronger for the growth and experiences he’s had over the years since he started it. And c’mon, if you’re going to write about someone as an applicant to your contest, they must have a decent shot at being one of the winners. Right?

I believe in you, bud!

Link to post and link to Cinematografo contest.