Our friends at Kornhaber Brown just released a new episode of their awesome PBS Digital Studios show PBS Offbook, which really got me excited. “The Art of Creative Coding” explores how innovative artists are using the language of code to express themselves in groundbreaking ways. Like all Offbook episodes, this one features a wide variety of stunning images beautifully edited together, great music that perfectly compliments the visuals and insightful interviews with interesting experts.

The section of this short documentary that I found most compelling focuses on a new form of filmmaking that’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. Developed by James George & Jonathan Minard. RGBD is a 3D cinema format that creates videogame-like images using a Microsoft XBOX Kinect depth sensor paired with a traditional DSLR camera. To see what these amazing 3D images look like, check out the video:

To see more RGBD footage and find out about James and Jonathan’s documentary CLOUDS, check out their Kickstarter page and watch their Kickstarter video:

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