Here’s the final version of the Bitter Melon movie poster. I’m biased but I love this thing.

It was featured by Type Network. They wrote:

Bitter Melon’s final theatrical one-sheet shows again how a “non-professional” designer intimately invested in a movie can produce a great poster for it. The high-contrast black-and-white family portrait overlaid on the green canvas, with the angry eyes of the abusive brother looming overhead, provides a perfect backdrop for the knocked-out type. The movie title is set solid next to the obligatory tiny text, the entire block of type emblazoned across the family members’ torsos. No need for big letters: its striking position guarantees the viewer can’t miss the title.

Steile Futura, also known as Topic, was modernized and expanded by Guy Jeffrey Nelson as Tasse, an expansive family of narrow sans serifs in four weights and five widths.